Immigration Death Sentence

My heart aches at the thought of having children pulled away from parents.  The trauma for children breaks my heart, and we are doing this in America.  What has happened to our values of taking in and caring for the poor and oppressed?  Below is a poem written by my dear friend Mary Ellen Floyd. There are no words for the trauma we are causing.

Immigration Death Sentence

Taking of a 15 month old baby
To ‘punish’ the parent
Punishes the child – for life
Taken, abandoned, and caged by the age of 3
Wounds the psyche and spirit and inflicts
Permanent damage – on the child
How can you live with yourself?
You say, ‘it’s the law of the land’
What of the Golden Rule?
‘Our Father which art in Heaven’ leaves a void
And you place yourself on the throne to dispense
Judgment and dispose the child.

Mary Ellen Floyd

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