The mystic within us is the one moved to radical amazement by the awe of things. Awe is the beginning of wisdom?                Abraham Heschel

My morning guest.

 I am moved to radical amazement when standing still I am able to sense the awe and wonder of lifeMy life today is lived in gratitude. It started out as a conscious practice and now is a part of my daily life. I find myself saying thank you throughout the day. Grateful for all the abundance surrounding me. Grateful for the sun filling me with life-giving energy, and the birdsongs I hear every morning. Joy and depression can’t reside in the same space. When I am grateful for an act of kindness or a reminder of nature’s beauty it brings me moments of joy.  Joy sparks radical amazement.

 My life is slower and definitely more sane today.  As I slow down I find joy in daily moments of presence. The time and space I have created gives me openness to see all the blessings in my life. I continue to be moved to radical amazement.

What moves you to radical amazement?

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