Listening to Your Life:

Writing Your Stories

Writing our stories helps us “mine the gold” of our life experiences and cull the wisdom of those experiences. Wayne Mueller states, “Stories are maps of the geography of a human life, showing us where to find the important things.” It is in the second half of life that we begin to let go of the lies, beliefs, assumptions we learned about ourselves in the first half of life.  Writing is a way of going deep into our experiences to find the truth of who we really are.  As a practice, it deepens and roots our lives.

There are several reasons for writing our stories.

  • to share our family history with children and grandchildren
  • to explore life experiences with an eye on how they impacted our lives
  • to explore pivotal points in our life that took us in new directions
  • to begin a deep spiritual healing by excavating layers of the old, clearing  the way for new stories
  • to reframe our stories opening us to coming home to our authentic core

We will touch on the above as we begin to explore the healing power of storytelling.  In this website I will utilize different prompts, resources, research, and personal experiences to share the joy and insights of writing the many stories we have lived. As we write and analyze our stories with a new eye, we begin to let go of the false self we created in the first half of life.

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The first words that came to mind after reading Martinelli’s powerful memoir, Listening to My Life,  were “unflinchingly honest, uncompromisingly courageous, thoughtful, perceptive, deeply healing, inspiring and full of life-changing adventures.” The author’s story moves from the soul damaging patterns of alcoholic families to the soul-healing gifts of education, psychotherapy, personal and spiritual growth, and the journeys (inner and outer) that transform our lives. Read this book slowly, absorb its lessons, and then listens to your own life!

John C. Robinson, Phd, Dmin is author of nine books on conscious aging.

John C. Robinson, Phd, Dmin

Taking my time savoring this book, the feelings so well expressed and the growing process.  Learning to be gentle with myself as well. A wonderful read. Thanks for taking the time, care and introspection. You are a wonderful teacher.

Pattie Bastian, Retired Realtor

Pattie Bastian

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