Enthusiasm comes from the Greek en (with one) and theos (the divine).

Being at one with the energy of God or the Divine, enthusiasm is a natural state of joy.  I find enthusiasm for life when I am present in the moment and relax into what is, without judging or analyzing.  I believe God, Source, Divine Mother, Spirit, whatever name you use for that sense of “something greater than yourself,” is always wanting you to live fully and enthusiastically.

The examen prayer from Ignatian Spirituality is a wonderful reminder for me to be aware of how I am choosing to live my life.  Below is a very short version of the prayer:

What gives you Life?

What drains you of Life?

I reflect on these two questions in the evening to consider how my day went.  At times I will ask the question during an activity I am involved in.  It helps me pay attention to how I am spending my day.  If I am continually involved in draining activities, then it is something I need to explore.  We definitely have some tasks that drain us, but if most of our daily tasks drain us, we need to pay attention.  We have the ability to change how we spend our time, but first we need to recognize what is life-giving and what is life-draining in or lives.

Time in nature gives me life. I feel life-giving energy flow through me when I am surround by the sights and sounds of the natural world.  I am so fortunate to live next to a 700-acre park on the beautiful Puget Sound.  When life is draining me of my energy, I take a walk on the trails of this beautiful park.  I am always revived.

I invite you to practice using the examen prayer to explore how you want to live your life.  May you discover all that enriches your life by paying attention to the life-giving energy flowing through you. May you choose to live enthusiastically.



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