Journey or Destination

IMG_0317When we focus on destination we often feel late, behind schedule, or lost.  When focus on journey we more often feel a sense of discovery.  

IMG_0289I was hiking in Bryce Canyon when another hiker stopped beside me to enjoy the amazing views.  Other hikers were passing us by and we realized we were taking this hike very slowly.  She said, “You know there are two kinds of hikers–destination hikers and journey hikers.” It was like a lightbulb moment. “Yes,” I said, “I use to be a destination hiker.  I would enter the trail and then see how fast I could get to the top, never stopping to look at the beauty that surrounded me.” We were definitely journey hikers at Bryce Canyon–stopping in awe of the hoodoos and spirals.  Taking our time to take photos and enjoy the beauty.

As I’ve aged, I’ve become more of a journeyer in all parts of my life.  I definitely have to have some destinations to get tasks done, yet I find myself meandering more often enjoying the present moment.

I have a dear friend who leaves next week to hike the entire El Camino de Santiago.  She plans to saunter on the trail. The dictionary defines saunter as “To walk in a slow relaxed manner, without hurry or effort.” Preparing for this journey, she has sauntered our city with backpack on her back to build endurance.  She says sauntering the city’s neighborhoods, has allowed her to see more of our city than ever before.

How do you move through your day?  Is your day filled with destinations, or do you give yourself time to journey?  Are you engaged in the present moment or fast forwarding to the next task? As I journey, I discover more about me as well as my environment.

Happy Journeying!!!


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