Daily Joy Moments


I walk past joy
on the way to wherever.
My eyes do not see,
too busy doing.

I rest my mind,
breathe deeply,
and there she is
in all her glory:

New buds on the tree,
my cat’s antics,
Friends’ voices saying hello,
A symphony of birds singing
their delight.

Joy seeps in softly,
I slow down
and pick up her scent.
Engulfed in her wonder.

Joy tiptoes on silent feet,
only to the wandering mind.
So many possibilities
at my fingertips.

Wake-up, wake-up
she whispers.

I wrote this poem a few years ago when I realized I was so busy planning the next “to do” that I was missing out on life.  I now make it a practice to look for daily joy moments. These bring me back to the present, fully engaged in the moment.

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