Patience is not a high skill set for me. It offers me life lesson everyday, as I am daily sent teachers to home in on practicing patience. Being a high energy, task-oriented person I move quickly from one task to another. In the process of always thinking ahead to the next task, I miss the present moment. As I notice impatience taking over, I am learning to breathe deeply and pause. Just that moment of awareness and presence makes a difference.

Below is a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke that I return to periodically as a reminder not to rush through life and/or questions.

Be patience with all
that is unresolved in your heart
and try to love
the questions themselves
do not seek
for the answers that
cannot be given
for you would not
be able to live them
and the point is to
live everything
live the questions
and perhaps
without knowing it
you will live along
into the answers

May we all live a slower paced life so we may live into the questions.



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