Paying Attention

If you are bored, you are not paying attention. Fritz Perls

I came across this quote recently and it really spoke to me. As I continue to shelter in, taking precautions to protect myself and others, I find it is easy to get cabin fever. I realized I am truly only bored when I am thinking of the future, wondering what it will look like, and worried about how I shall live my life. Leonard Cohen once said, “When there is less of me, the happier I am.” Yes, when I am caught up in my own life dramas, my old storyline, I am unable to be present to the life that surrounds me.

Paying attention to the present moment, I am filled with awe, wonder, and gratitude. My garden nourishes me with its beautiful flowers, the array of birds that come to my feeders, and even the squirrel I do daily battle with over the suet bring me joy. My daily connection with friends and family through texts or phone calls enrich my life. Getting caught up in my life dramas creates suffering. Being fully present to this moment takes me out of myself and connects me to the greater whole. Being mindful of the present is a practice of paying attention to what surrounds me and looking for “joy moments.”

It is very easy for me to get caught up in the political hate-filled divisiveness, feeling overwhelmed, angry, and grief stricken. I am learning to accept my feelings as they arise and then slowly letting them go, knowing I only have control over my responses. I choose not to live in an inner world of angst and turmoil. I can only take action where I can and move on. Voting is a positive action I can take to respond to the current chaos by giving voice to my preference.

Joyce Rupp states, All I need is beauty to keep my heart alive and all beauty needs is my attention. May we all find ways to pay attention to all the good, the beauty, the possibilities that surround us.

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