Who Are We?

a migrant child’s drawing

For Evil to succeed, all it needs is for good people to do nothing.       Martin Luther King Jr.

I feel such deep sadness at the ongoing news coming from our outhern border. Pictures of children crowded in cages with a survival blanket for warmth. The DOJ argues that children don’t need toothbrushes, or soap, and can sleep on cement floors. I watch babies and toddlers being separated from their parents and left in the care of young children. Is this who we have become?

I remember when I was in Germany in 1969 I walked down the streets looking at the German people and asking myself, “How could you let the Holocaust happen? How could you stand by as six million Jews perished in gas chambers.” We will look back at this dark period, and ask similar questions regarding our treatment of the migrants at our southern border.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, this is a humanitarian crisis fueled by politics. This goes to the moral fiber of our country. It seems we continue to ignore the lessons from our past:  the Japanese Internment Camps in WWII;  taking Native American children from their families and putting them in boarding schools to  erase their language and culture; families being routinely sold separately during slavery. I ask again, “Who Are We?”

I feel powerless in the wake of what is happening at our border. Taking small actions such as donating, marching, writing letters gives me a sense that I am doing something, but has it made a difference? People around our country are appalled by what is happening, and yet it continues to happen with impunity. I am heartened by the rise of voices against the cruelty that is being witnessed.

Hope is a spiritual necessity and I do believe light wins over dark. It is the damage that has been done and continues to be done that breaks my heart. So many children separated from family, many of whom will never be reunited because no records were kept.

May our collective voices rise in outrage to stop this cruelty and say “Enough.”

4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I have been feeling a generalized sense of discouragement and depression all day and unable to identify the source. No one is picking on me. I have plenty of freedom to come and go as I wish. My children and their children are all doing well. Yet I feel – just blah. Reading your blog, I realize this is about the treatment of these poor innocent little ones. I have donated. I have written and signed petitions. I have re-posted and advocated in all the ways and places I think I can. It all seems for nought. Yet, how else has anything good ever come about except by those who care daring to continue to care in the face of what seems to be insurmountable odds. I still feel discouraged and depressed, but now I know why. I keep telling folks, “Pray and Vote.” I don’t know what more I can do; but I do know that praying with others was enough to launch the Taize moment and bring down the Berlin Wall. So, thank you for your post. I feel a little less discouraged.

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  2. Kathryn thank you for your sharing of how you have been feeling. It sounds like we have been experiencing many of the same feelings. Writing about it helped me and I’m glad it clarified you sense of “blah.” There is a thin line between hope and despair and I do believe the voices are getting louder and more persistent. This continues to give me hope. This is a time to take good care of ourselves and continue fighting the good fight.
    Be well,

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