Being My Authentic Self

Be Yourself

The very energy of life is the spirit released by being what we are.  Mark Nepo

I am struck by how often I yearn to be all that I am meant to be.  What makes me believe I am not living my authentic life?  This is a question I often ponder.  Who am I beneath the layers of cultural expectations and learned behaviors?  I know that beneath all of these layers is my Divine Essence. That spark that I entered this life with. I touch her when I experience awe or wonder at the beauty that surrounds me, or deep sharing with friends, or playing a game.  Often, I am reacting or responding to the daily rush of activities.

My question again, who is responding—–my authentic core or my highly developed ego based on cultural norms? I read a piece on “Lifehack” by Mandy Kloppers where she listed some things we should not care about. Reading over the list I thought, Yes.  When I care about these things I am trying to fit in instead of listening to and following my inner wisdom. Below is a condensed version of what she recommends:

1. Don’t care about what others think.  The minute you do you begin trying to please them, which in turn gives them power over your actions.

2. Don’t fret over past mistakes.  We all make mistakes and actually that is the only way we learn.  Perfection is highly overrated. We can only be ourselves when we give ourselves permission to try new things and experiment.

3. Don’t focus on what you don’t have.  Our culture is so consumer driven that we believe we need more, more, and more.  We begin comparing our lives to others.  Comparing ourselves to others creates a mindset of lack.  There is always a loser in comparison and it is generally the one comparing.

4. Worrying about the “what ifs” takes us out of our own fullness and keeps our lives small.  When you begin trusting your inner voice, you are living from your authentic self. 

5. Wishing your current life away by thoughts of “I’ll be happy when…” This one phrase puts your life on hold. Wishing your current life away is a precious waste of happy moments.  

6. Don’t live your life regretting what can’t be undone.  Look at what you’ve regretted in life, learn from it and let it go.  Regrets hold us in a past that can’t be changed.  

Step into your present life with the valuable lessons you have learned and enjoy what life offers today.


6 thoughts on “Being My Authentic Self

  1. Thank you for your blogs, Ardine. I am touched by each one, grateful for your wisdom, awed by your courage in speaking out, and proud to be your friend. 🙂 Hugs, Paula


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  2. I am quite guilty when I’ve read number 4 (Worrying about the “what ifs”). I have many regretful moments in my life, but when I think about it in a reflective way, The Lord intended to make me experience these things for me to reach my most authentic self. Hopefully, the best version of myself.

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