Seeing With Grateful Eyes

Americans long ago dedicated a day during this month for the sole purpose of inviting and expressing gratitude. Even though Thanksgiving has just passed, I send you wishes for seeing with grateful eyes.  Angeles Arrien, in her book Living in Gratitude offered the following prompts for us to reflect upon.

—What are you thankful for today?

—In what ways do you express your gratitude? How do others know you are grateful?

—What family rituals and expressions of gratitude have been passed on to you? Which ones have you continued? What new ones have you originated?

—As the year begins to wind to a close, reflect every day of the coming month upon the blessings, opportunities, fruits, and harvests that have come into your life this year. 

—To whom or what are you especially grateful for in your life? In what ways are you shifting your perspective from looking at what is not working to developing “grateful seeing”—looking first for what is working and what is good in your life?

—Whom have you helped this year? What circumstances have ignited your generosity and gratitude?

—What positive changes have occurred in your life that you can directly attributed to your gratitude practice this year?

Remember to free write with no editing or critiquing.  

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