Be True to Yourself

Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be.     Parker Palmer

Finding our truth and speaking our truth is the spiritual journey of coming home to our true being.  Below is an acronym for being true to yourself that outlines the four qualities needed to grow into who we are meat to be:

T – Trust  

Do your trust your own voice–the “still small voice” that tells you what is right for you? Are you able to decipher what is your truth vs what others expect from you?

R – Respect  

Have you set personal boundaries? Do you respect yourself enough to honor your needs?  Do you know when to say No?  Practicing deep self-care is when you fully respect and listen to yourself.

U – Understanding

Do you understand how your life experiences have influenced your beliefs and actions? Are you able to recognize stories about who you “should” be as relics from the past that no longer serve you?

E – Esteem

Are you able to love all of you–the good, bad, and ugly?  Self-esteem is based on accepting yourself and recognizing the dance of light and dark within.

These four qualities lead us on an amazing journey of healing and self-discovery.  Be kind to yourself, it is a journey not a destination.  Safe journeying.






8 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself

  1. This is so helpful, Ardine. Thank you. I will print it and give it a permanent place on on reading table. My experience of reading a story to children at church yesterday illustrates the importance of your reflection. The illustration in the book showed shadows cast by moonlight. I said to the children, “Did you know that adults are afraid of shadows too?” I won’t forget the look of surprise and something else on a four-year-old’s face. I continued, “Yes. we are. And when we are, we take the shadow by the hand and walk with it into the light and then we aren’t afraid anymore.”

    Thank you!

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    1. Thanks, Rita. I have someone I hope to pass this on to . I know of Parker Palmer from a Quaker friend of mine.
      Lovely photo, also.


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