Soul stretching, what a wonderful metaphor for living our lives fully. If you haven’t visited Rita Kowats blog “Spirituality without Borders” I highly recommend it.

Spirituality Without Borders: Reflections on Spiritual Practice


Our attempts at self-protection
cause us to live
in a cramped corner of our lives.

Frank Ostaseski “A Friend until the End”
Lion’s Roar July 2018

Senescence has overtaken my back, but I am releasing pain and regaining flexibility by doing PNF stretches and swimming. Compared to five months ago, I am literally a walking miracle. I often meditate in the water, where this analogy came to me.

A miracle for the back
Why not for the soul?

Pull push
Pull push
Breathing out ego
Breathing in light

Synced simultaneous soul-stretches
Creating space for the divine.

© Rita H Kowats 6-25-18

Hour Glass Photo Credit:

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