Sandy Sarr

If you’ve ever felt lost–and who hasn’t?–Listening to My Life offers hard-won insights for anyone seeking to shift from a place of wilderness to personal peace. Martinelli begins with a dramatic question she lived:  What kind of woman advocates for womens rights in her professional life yet spends 15 years as an abused wife in her own home? Mining her early experiences for answers, she unravels influences that shaped her but no longer served her.  She comes to sense a divine guidance at work in her life, learns to trust and act on it.  From there, seeming miracles unfold, so-called miracles possible for anyone willing to listen to their own life. Martinelli serves up good storytelling throughout–from her commune-living, European adventures, to intrepid spiritual journeys.  When I am in need of a model for living to the fullest, I look to her life.

Sandy Sarr, Writer and Teacher