Listening to Your Life:

Writing Your Stories


Welcome to Listening to Your Life blog.  My purpose for this blog is to give you support through offering writing prompts, research, and resources to write the stories of your life.  In a recent interview, Sally Field explained the title of her new memoir, In Pieces.  She said she had been writing about pieces of her life for years to try and understand herself and her life better.  She did not start writing with a memoir in mind.  As she put the written pieces of her life in front of her she said, “It was like putting a puzzle together.  As the pieces fell into place, so too did my understanding of my life.”  Writing is a way of going deep into our experiences to find the truth of who we really are.

My hope is that this blog will offer you an opportunity to begin writing the pieces of your life.  It all begins piece by piece.

Thank you for joining me on this writing adventure. I will send a post every other week. Attached is a page of various prompts for you to start writing your life stories.  Choose one or two and begin writing your story piece by piece.

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