The first words that came to mind after reading Martinelli’s powerful memoir, Listening to My Life, were “unflinchingly honest, uncompromisingly courageous, thoughtful, perceptive, deeply healing, inspiring and full of life-changing adventures.”
The author’s story moves from the soul damaging patterns of alcoholic families to the soul-healing gifts of education, psychotherapy, personal and spiritual growth, and the journeys (inner and outer) that transform our lives.
Read this book slowly, absorb its lessons, and then listens to your own life!

John C. Robinson, Phd, Dmin is author of nine books on conscious aging.

Taking my time savoring this book, the feelings so well expressed and the growing process.  Learning to be gentle with myself as well. A wonderful read. Thanks for taking the time, care and introspection. You are a wonderful teacher.

Pattie Bastian, Retired Realtor


What a journey you have been on in so many different ways as you pushed forward to becoming your most authentic self.  And it speaks loud and clear as you so carefully listened.  I hope the book goes far and wide like cottonwood seeds, landing in places where they will take root.  You will not know the lives you will change but lives will change because you have written your words.

Kay Mullen, Poet


If you’ve ever felt lost–and who hasn’t?–Listening to My Life offers hard-won insights for anyone seeking to shift from a place of wilderness to personal peace.
Martinelli begins with a dramatic question she lived:  What kind of woman advocates for womens rights in her professional life yet spends 15 years as an abused wife in her own home?
Mining her early experiences for answers, she unravels influences that shaped her but no longer served her.  She comes to sense a divine guidance at work in her life, learns to trust and act on it.  From there, seeming miracles unfold, so-called miracles possible for anyone willing to listen to their own life.
Martinelli serves up good storytelling throughout–from her commune-living, European adventures, to intrepid spiritual journeys.  When I am in need of a model forgiving to the fullest, I look to her life.

Sandy Saar, Writer and Teacher